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Job Vacancies


Job vacancies

At present we are recruiting for the following post:

Office Manager

Job ref OFM1 

Location:  Civic Centre, Uxbridge 

Group: Hillingdon Credit Union Ltd 

Position Type: Part time 

Contract hours: 25 Hours 

Salary: £24,000 to 25,500 pro rata 

Closing date for applications: 14th June 2018

About Hillingdon Credit Union:

Hillingdon Credit Union is a thriving co-operative business currently based in the Civic Centre. HCU has a growing and active membership base of around 2500 with a savings base of c£2.7m, the bulk of which is lent to the member base. 

About the job 

You will be part of a team of five part time staff with additional support from a board consisting of a number of volunteers. The main thrust of the job will be managing the day to day activities of the office and working with the board of Directors to maintain a regular cycle of strategic planning and review. The role will extend to managing, supervising and supporting the day to day function of members of staff.

This role is NOT part of LBH employment and is subject to a standalone contract. 

About the person:

With your demonstrable practical experience of office working, financial management and the use of computer based systems; this is your opportunity to excel in a challenging yet highly rewarding role. Having responsibility for managing staff and all special projects you will ensure that desired outputs and outcomes are achieved. You will be the direct contact for both members and outside organisations and will provide updates to the board to ensure we meet our targets and meet our regulators and auditors requirements. 

A confident communicator you’ll feel comfortable discussing personal financial issues with individual members. You will be highly self-motivated, well organised and able to use Excel databases. You will also have an understanding of local community involvement and volunteer development.

Additional information:

We are committed to serving all residents and workers in the Hillingdon area and ensuring where possible financial inclusion. Applicants should be aware that the post will be subject to

a structured interview and will only be offered to the successful candidate, subject employment clearances. For a copy of the job description and application please contact the office on 01895 250958 or e-mail info@hillingdoncu.co.uk 


* To manage the day to day activities of the office

* To work with the board of Directors to maintain a regular cycle of strategic planning and review

* To deliver quality services to members and develop new services based on their needs

* To review all new loan applications, completing all checks and obtaining all information required in line with loan policy

* To work closely with the Credit Committee in assessment of all loans and to communicate decisions to members

* Achieve targets on new members, loan ratios and savings rates

* To promote Hillingdon Credit Union and raise awareness of financial exclusion issues in the credit union movement and with external partners 

* To operate the Credit Union computerised accounting system and manual records in accordance with procedures 

* To deliver quality services to the Membership of the Credit Union and develop new services based on their needs.

* To work closely with and cover the other members in the office and to work closely with the treasurer and members of the board/Credit Committee

* To undertake other reasonable activities as required by the Board if Directors


1. Overall administrative functions

* To develop, implement, maintain and administer operating policies and procedures for the credit union activities and co-ordinate systems at the main office and with the branch/information points (when established)

* To maintain security at the main office premises, meet insurance requirements and ensure health and safety of all staff and volunteers

* Settling in a timely manner outstanding invoices, following appropriate checks

* To ensure all existing and new members receive a high quality service, that is prompt, friendly, reliable and courteous

* To establish and maintain procedures for recruitment that adhere to Hillingdon Human Resources and Equal Opportunities policies and participate in the recruitment of all other Hillingdon staff

* To implement, maintain and revise internal financial controls for the organisation, in line with the approved budget and ensure accountability to funders, members and the Board of Directors

* To maintain and develop and ICT system that meets Hillingdon Needs

* To identify, apply and secure the resources needed to meet the needs of members by the preparation and review of a funding strategy

* To ensure the ethos of the Credit Union movement is practiced throughout the organisation

* To manage, supervise and support the day to day function of members of staff in the office in the office

* To co-ordinate and record sick leave and annual and flexi leave, to ensure wherever possible that a minimum of 2 staff are always present in the office

* To train new member of staff where relevant

* To manage and be responsible for ensuring that all staff carry out the day to day operations of the Credit Union in accordance with the business plan and directions set out by the Board of Directors

* To assist the Credit Union Secretary and Board of Directors as and when necessary.


2. Work with colleagues and Board of Directors to maintain a regular cycle of strategic planning and review

* To support the colleagues and Board in planning and reviewing long term aims and objectives of the organisation

* To support the colleagues and Board in reviewing the business plan on an annual basis and agree new organisational targets for the year

* To provide input and advice to the Treasurer in the preparation of the annual budgets and monthly financial reports and forecasts

* To provide information to the board on relevant issues including, organisational development, policies and procedures, service development, developments in the Credit Union movement etc To enable them to make decisions

* To work with colleagues in convening Credit Committee and sub-committee meetings, ensure appropriate matters are placed on the agenda and the work of the sub-committees is reported to the board.

* To support the Chair and other board members in achieving full board participation and to assist with board minutes when required.

* To ensure new members of the Board and/or committees have an appropriate induction programme

* Work with colleagues in organising the Annual General Meeting, including the administration of the electoral process and appropriate reports

* Research proposals for loan products and offers that will attract members with a view to achieving loan targets

* Act as Loan Officer in accordance with Policies and Procedures


3. To promote Hillingdon Credit Union and raise awareness of financial exclusion issues in the credit union movement and with external partners

* To promote Hillingdon to partner organisations and potential funders 

* To participate in networks and partnerships addressing financial exclusion through the provision of financial services including debt advice

* To participate in regional and national networks and partnerships with other credit unions (where appropriate)

* To work closely with the marketing and publicity committee in promoting and advertising products and services


4. To undertake other reasonable activities as required by the Board of Directors:

* To ensure the organisation complies with all legal and regulatory requirements

* To maintain personal knowledge of all compliance issues relating to the operation of the Credit Union and disseminate this amongst relevant parties

* To liaise with external bodies such as FSA, ABCUL and CUNA

* To be responsible for the submission of the quarterly and annual reports to the FSA by the required deadline

* To ensure that Hillingdon meets targets set by funders and submits monitoring reports by the required deadlines

* To abide by the Hillingdon Policies and Procedures Manual

* To undertake other reasonable duties that may be required from time to time

* To observe and uphold the principles of ‘good practice’ in discharging the duties of this post and achieving the Credit Union aims and objectives in delivering high standards of service to members 

* To uphold the Credit Union’s equal opportunities policy 

* To attend training relevant to the duties and responsibilities of the post 

* To demonstrate a commitment to Hillingdon Credit Union’s expansion and growth.


Location: The Civic Centre Uxbridge and other locations as required


The post holder will be required to work occasionally outside normal office hours.


The post-holder will be expected to complete a six-month probationary period, prior to being offered a potential permanent post.


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